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Patent Law

Process patents – paper tigers or effective protective rights?
Thoughts on “sufficient likelihood” in the sense of section 140c PatG

An Article by Dr. Stephan Neuhaus When process patents are infringed, patent owners are often faced with considerable problems of providing proof. Effective enforcement is further impeded by the strict requirements set by case law for inspection proceedings. In order not to let the protection by process patents run empty, a rethinking is necessary with regard to the requirements for "sufficient likelihood", says Stephan Neuhaus. Are process patents worth the paper? © Ingo Stiller on Unsplash.com In the field of biotechnology and the pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries in particular, innovations in manufacturing processes can trigger significant progress. An innovative manufacturing process can, for instance, significantly increase the yield of a desired drug substance in the course of production (cf. ruling by the German Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof; BGH) dated 3 April 2012, X ZR 90/09, BeckRS 2012, 12375, margin no....
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Current Internet Law Reforms – No End to Legislative Confusion [GER ONLY]

An Article by Dr. Linn-Karen Fischer German Internet law is becoming increasingly opaque as a result of numerous reforms. For video sharing platforms in particular, the latest innovations brought about by the AVMSD add further delimitation difficulties to their catalog of obligations. An overview of the current developments is provided by Linn-Karen Fischer. (more…)
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Patent Law

Novel Patent Law in China – New Patent Infringement Risks and Forum Shopping Options? (GER ONLY)

An Article by Prof. Dr. Nils Heide A new patent law will soon be in force in the People's Republic of China. Nils Heide provides an overview of the 4th amendment to the Chinese Patent Law and particularly relevant provisions. (more…)
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Trademark Law

Vegan and vegetarian substitute products in the focus of trademark law

An Article by Robin Schmitt Vegan and vegetarian substitute products are on the rise. Robin Schmitt explains gives an overview over the numerous problems that arise in trademark law when naming these products. (more…)
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Patent Law

Case note: Higher Regional Court Düsseldorf – “Infusionsvorrichtung” (Decision of 08.04.2021 – 2 U 41/20)

An Article by Dr. Benjamin Pesch On the limitation of functional interpretation by cited prior art. (more…)
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