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If you like to contribute an article to the dusIP blog you can use this form. Alternatively, you can also send your article via email: dusip(at) Please consider the guidelines for blog posts provided on this page.

    You can use this form to send us your blog article. Alternatively, you can also send it to us via mail to info(at) Please consider the FAQs listed on this page.

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    Guidelines for Blog Posts

    We are delighted that you wish to publish your article on an IP topic at dusIP. We kindly ask you to consider the following guidelines when contributing a blog article.

    Length and Format of the Blog Article

    The article should be written in the style of a blog entry. It should have a length of 1000 to 4000 words and – if possible – not significantly exceed 4000 words.

    References to sources

    References to sources should only be made in the form of hyperlinks to websites or by referencing court or adminstrative decisions (including decision date and case number) within the text flow and not in the form of endnotes or footnotes.

    Revision of your Article

    We reserve the right to make minor revisions to articles, for which we will seek your permission before publication. You are free to publish your article on any other platform after it has been published on dusIP.

    Your Author Profile

    For your author profile, please send us your name, your position and, if you wish, your photo of which you hold the copyright or that you are authorized to use. You can insert the photo directly into your article.

    Contribution of an Article

    You can send us your contribution as .docx or .pdf document using the form provided on this page or by email to dusip(at)